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This site contains a collection of open source and GNU (R) software packages built for AIX 5.3 TL7 and higher systems (AIX 5.3 TL7 was introduced when POWER6 was announced - June 2007).
All projects are packaged as installp rather than as RPM. As much as possible only one package per version is available. Either there is no oslevel in the downloadable filename - which means aix537 - or there is an AIX minimum level (e.g. aixtools.*.aix619.I will only load on an AIX system at AIX 6.1 TL9 and higher). The reason for additional versions is an incompatibility in a runt-time library (e.g., openssl) where the name of the archive changes internally (again openssl went from openssl-0.9.8 to openssl-1.0.0).
None of these packages are intended for AIX 5.3 TL6 or earlier. If you need somethign for those levels you should checkout and/or

NOTICE: The files here are provided AS-IS, no warrenty is provided.

Almost everything is built using the package aixtools.buildaix This is equivalent to running

make DESTDIR=/var/tmp/root/package-version install
and an automated version of the AIX command "mkinstallp" command to package the project in INSTALLP format

For more information of the packages check my wiki at

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