AIXTOOLS Downloads

NOTICE: The files here are provided AS-IS, no warrenty is provided.
Most are build by using the package aixtools.buildaix which runs a standard
make DESTDIR=/var/tmp/"something"
and an automated "mkinstallp" command to package the downloaded project.
Some projects (starting with ASF) have these modified scripts in the directory


The samples directory contains compiled /usr/samples for testing and experiments
[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[   ]aixtools.gpg29-Oct-2013 15:50 1.0K 
[   ]aixtools.gpg.ascii29-Oct-2013 15:50 1.5K 
[DIR]httpd/18-Feb-2014 22:38 -  
[DIR]performance/09-Dec-2013 22:29 -  
[DIR]php/09-Dec-2013 22:29 -  
[DIR]postgresql/09-Dec-2013 22:29 -  
[DIR]samples/14-May-2013 07:41 -  
[DIR]scripts/21-Jan-2014 22:11 -  
[DIR]test/10-Nov-2013 18:14 -  
[DIR]tools/19-Feb-2014 11:17 -  

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